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hmm i was kinda team gina marie but after the answers i think i’m team andy!!

sooo i really really want to be on big brother when i’m old enough and obviously i have thought of ideas for when i’m on (hopefully). i will go into the game and wear a necklace everyday that has absolutely no sentimental value to me whatsoever. If a time in the game comes where i need to lie and it is very unlikely that the person is to believe me, I will take off my necklace and give it to the person to keep.  I’d tell the person that it was my grandmother’s.  If they find out after the show that i was lying, they could keep it. (obviously I wouldn’t care if they kept it, since it’s an ordinary necklace)

is this not the best idea ever


Seems legit


they better do an all stars season and get some awesome people on big brother cause i need this show to stay on the air for at least 6 more seasons before i can even APPLY let alone get on the show frick

literally same omg plz bb gods

i really really apologize for not blogging this year. i never thought this would happen but this season of big brother sucks so bad i had to stop watching it.


remember when james prayed to the bb gods in the dr


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if anybody has a free big brother live feed i will love u forever please inbox it to me


Nick being hot

David: yeh dude i am David dude i like dude am dude a like lifeguard dude from dude California dude