i can’t breathe 

Cody, Cody, Cody

loyalty won’t win you 500k…especially against Derrick

thank god you’re hot 

overwhelmingly NOT Frankie! 

drinking game: take a shot every time cody sings and interrupts the live feeds 

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*goes on live feeds*

*sees Christine and Cody cuddling*

*pukes a little and closes live feeds*

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if Zach stayed in the house just a little longer we possibly could have seen drunk Zach and that makes me sad

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can we just all collectively end the game and give Derrick the 500k 

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eras of big brother


golden age: 2-all stars

silver age: 8-14

dark ages: 15-present

seasons that don’t count: 1 and 9

this is so accurate

drunk Cody is my favorite thing in the world

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behold, Zach’s only tweet.